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Asus's new TUF AX5400 Gaming Router has a trick up its sleeve to maximise fibre speeds

Updated: Jan 3, 2022

Major telcos like SingTel, MyRepublic, and Viewqwest are offering Singapore 2Gbps fibre plans but most routers max out at 1Gbps transfer speeds. That means that if you signed up for any 2Gbps plan, chances are, you may not be able to enjoy the full speed.

However, Asus plans to change that with their TUF AX5400 Gaming Router using WAN aggregation. Basically, this allows any one of the LAN ports at the back of the router to connect to the Fibre ONT, which bumps up the connection to two in addition to the one required to connect using the WAN port.

Infographic on how the WAN and LAN aggregation works, combining one WAN and one LAN for a total of 2Gbps throughput speeds.
Stream multiple 4K videos, download massive games, and surf the web of 2Gbps using just one router.

Specs wise, this dual-band, Wi-Fi 6 router is a speed demon:

  • 2.4GHz: up to 574Mbps

  • 5GHz: up to 4804Mbps

  • 1.5GHz tri-core processor

  • 1 Gigabit WAN Port with WAN Aggregation

  • 4 Gigabit LAN Port with LAN and WAN Aggregation

  • 1 USB 3.2 Gen 1x1

  • Supports Alexa voice assistant

  • WPA3-Personal Wi-Fi Encryption

  • VPN Client L2PT, PPTP, Server IPSec, PPTN

Asus claims that by using Wi-Fi 6’s OFDMA technology, it allows signals to travel further than on Wi-Fi 5, although that should require devices like iPhones or Android phones to be connected using Wi-Fi 6 for that experience.

Another interesting feature is VPN Fusion; this allows users to run two connections at once- one that’s routed through a VPN and the other that isn’t. If you’re someone that’s gaming or there’s someone at home that may not require a VPN, VPN Fusion claims to be able to segregate the connections like so.

In addition, if you have existing and compatible Asus routers with AiMesh technology, the TUF Gaming AX5400 is a simple add-on to your existing mesh at home using their app.

As for pricing and availability, this model is sold on Shopee for $359 and you can grab one over on this link!

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